How To Make Powerpoint Templates To Present Your Business Ideas

Most working people are too busy with their work and have little time on preparing their Powerpoint presentation. Certainly, there is a better way to solve this particular problem. Is it wonderful to create a stunning template for frequent use. Thus, you do not have to spend extra time on making new slides. In addition, you will also be able to create simple slides that can make your audiences put extra focus on your your speech and your slide text-area and layouts.

Before we proceed further, you need to know how to use the slide master. Slide master is commonly used to create Powerpoint template in which you can standardized the slide format (including type of fonts, font-size, alignments and so and so forth) and slide layouts (including color background, adding picture and many more).

Let’s create slides that have a stunning landing page-like slide. This includes embedding of hyperlinks on the landing page that link to other remaining slides.

Initially, based on the main menu, choose View/Master/Slide Master and you will see a plain white-colored slide and a small “Slide Master View” menu. Then, press and hold Ctrl+A buttons to select the whole title and text boxes. After that, select fonts and formating based on your preferences. When you are done, click the “Close Master View” from the “Slide Master View” menu.

From the main menu, click Insert/Picture/AutoShapes. As soon you select it, a small “AutoShapes” menu appears on your screen. Within the menu bar, point at the icon (without clicking on it), it will show the features that you can apply on your slide. Click the “Action Buttons” icon and select the home icon. Immediately, click and hold your mouse left-button at the bottom right corner of the slide; and drag the home icon and place it on the slide. An “Action Settings” menu will appear on your screen, then click “OK”.

Before you start adding pictures and text-contents on your slides, it is preferable to use “Title Only” text layouts. Leave the first slide blank. Once you have done that, it is time to start inserting pictures and adding text-contents into your slides except the first one. You have to align your pictures and text-contents as tidy as possible. For more convenience, use text box to put text-contents into your slides, so that you can drag and position them easily according to your own preferences.

My suggestion is that pictures are better situated at the left-side of the slide, whereas the text-contents are better viewed at the right-side of the slide.

After you have creating your brand new slides, save your work twice – first, as in “ppt” file format, while the second, as in “jpeg” file format. In order to save your Powerpoint presentations as “jpeg” file format, click “File” from the menu bar, and then click “Save As”. Soon the “Save As” menu box appears, you will see “Save as type” text-line at the bottom of the menu box. Click the pull-down menu and choose “JPEG File Interchange Format” and press “OK” button.

After that, a “Microsoft Office Powerpoint” menu appears and choose “Every Slide”. Then, click “OK” button when another menu appears.

Now, you can insert those newly saved jpeg-files (or pictures) into the first slide which you have left it blank earlier. Adjust the size of these pictures so that you can fit all of it into the first empty slide. Then, add hyperlinks to all these pictures in order to link them to remaining slides within this Powerpoint presentation free google slides templates.

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