Soccer Strategies and Planning

After the hype of the World Cup in South Africa, football or better known as soccer, is the most popular game throughout the world nowadays. The game has millions of fans in the world particularly in 5 continents. Just like any other team game, soccer training can be considered in preparation for a game where planning and strategies become top priorities to win games especially in the professional level. Here are some basic strategies in order for us to understand better what is football or soccer: soccer live streams

The Basics

Soccer as a game is very demanding. It needs 11 players on the field for each team at one time. A good soccer coach should know the rudiments of the game so he can always apply strategies and create plays for all the players in the game. A winning team needs a lot of communication, understanding, support and belief. Communication is part and parcel of a good game. All the players in the field need to communicate with each other so that they can win games. Understanding and support are needed for good players so that there will be team cohesion. The game of football also need the pillar of belief so all players will be determined to win games, for in the field it is always a war between two opposing teams. If these four pillars are made use of by the coach and team members then and only then that we can say that you have a winning team.

Varieties of soccer formations

There are a lot of varieties of soccer formations a team can employ whether in the offensive or defensive strategy. One basic type of formation is the “4-4-2” formation — a goalie, four midfielders, four defenders, and 2 strikers. Another type is the “5-4-1”, meaning there are 5 defenders, four midfielders, and a striker. Obviously this formation is used for defensive purposes. An offensive formation which is used widely by professionals is the “3-4-3”. All these formations will not be effective if a coach or coaching staff will not acknowledge the strength each member of the team so that they will know how to use effective formations. A good coach and a good team will maximize their strength against their opponents’ weaknesses.


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